45% of australians will experience mental health issues in their lifetime

Mental illness, mental health, well being, emotional health, what ever you call it, it is no longer something you can ignore in your workplace or in your daily life.

We spend on average 30% of our lives at work, as a business it is vital to ensure you are providing an environment that promotes well being.

Businesses are very good at ensuring they follow Workplace Health and Safety regulations to keep their employees physically safe, but emotional well being gets lost in the process.

Mental illness is a workplace issue. If 1 in 5 of us are currently experiencing a mental illness, and 1 in 2 of us will experience a mental illness in our lifetime, how is it not?


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The cost in not supporting your employees well being, and not providing  a mentally healthy workplace can create a huge impact in your business.

By investing in your employees well being in creating a mentally healthy workplace you get a return on investment of $2.30 for ever $1 you spend. Pricewaterhouse Coopers return on investment research explores the benefits derived from reduction in presenteeism, absenteeism and compensation claims.


Don't stop justBy investing in your employees well being, and working on creating a mentally healthy workplace your staff will be happier.

The results of your investments include your employees being more engaged, morale will be higher, they will be more motivated and invested in supporting their organisation.

You can make yourself an employee of choice, a place your employees enjoy going to work and investing their time in.


How can we help you?

Whether is be training and education about what mental illness is, or more advanced training around suicide awareness, or working with your managers around supporting your employees well being, Mind me Consulting is able to help.

We provide a number of different services that can support you and your employees through consultation, education, mentoring and one on one support.

For more detailed information about the services provided please see the services tab. Or contact us directly if you would like to have a chat today about how we can help. 

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